Art by Britta Cruz


Things to know about...

SO, what is there to know about me? Well, most importantly I have been creating all my life in one form or another. It is not a choice, but a necessity, for me to use my hands and my mind to create things. It is my therapy, way of life, call it what you want it is who I am and have always been. I am sure if I would be unable to continue exploring different materials and processes I would have to have a therapist!
I have a need to experiment with all sort of unusual or unorthodox materials and mediums. Very often I am criticized for that particular part of my art by the more "serious" artists. But, I am not searching for a particular medium or process. I just enjoy the variety and the learning experience. Perhaps like in many other parts of my life. In a recent interview I was told that there was not a single job I have had in the past that had any continuity. One had nothing to do with the next. That might be true but I sure loved the new challenges and have become a well rounded person because of those different experiences. It is all about being who you are instead of trying to meet the expectations people might have of you. At least that is how I feel about that. 
I really enjoy working with porcelain though. I have learned to respect the fragility of the material. It has a memory of how it was formed and touched during the creation. It is very sensual and elegant. 
With my work, I try to evoke emotions in my viewer. My satisfaction from my art comes during the creation process. Once the piece is finished I am "done" with it. I am ready to pass it on to someone to enjoy it. I am not attached to my work and am very prolific. I tend to have an obsession with the amount of work I put out.
At this moment however I do have a full time job which keeps me at bay.....


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