Art by Britta Cruz

this page has been updated!!! There are miracles happening!
I guess after more than a year of absence from this "news" page it is about time to update it somehow. Babies are meanwhile walking and keeping everyone in this household busy.....hence the lack of update on my webpage.

About the only contribution to any art project are a few yarns (see pics below) and a trading postcard I submitted to Susan Lenz's cyberfyber exhibition. It was made during our time at the temporary housing after the condo fire. It took almost 8 months for us to get back into our own walls. An experience I do not wish onto anybody and another thank you to all the wonderful people who helped us out!!!

We are somehow hoping to make a trip to South Carolina in the spring to enjoy some down time (what am I thinking it will just be a change of location for our busy life). Hope to see some familiar faces then.

On another note we just had a quick visit from Jeff Donavan that we thoroughly enjoyed.
Drop me a note with the updates in your life!

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